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The world of content writing services is much bigger than you may think.

Content writing is the process of writing and creating content for digital marketing. Often, people think that it is the same as copywriting. While they are similar, there is one clear distinction. With copywriting, the goal is to sell. With content writing, the intent and purpose are to educate, inspire, and entertain readers, with selling taking a back seat.

The first thing that may come to mind when you hear content writing is blogs. Yes, blog posts are an example of content writing, but it’s far from the only one. What are other types of content writing services?

11 Types of Content Writing Services

Believe it or not, much of what a business or creator writes can be considered content writing. So when working with a team or agency that offers content writing services, they can help you with these 11 types of writing.

Blog posts

Blog posts are independent web pages on your website that cover a specific subtopic within your industry. They’re versatile in the sense that people can write blog posts to spread knowledge, impart thoughtful insights, share daily life experiences, and even leave reviews. Many creators, businesses, and websites have a blog because they are an SEO booster.

A blog is an effective way to increase digital real estate and online presence. Each post you publish gives your website and business more chances to rank for numerous keywords. In addition, the content you share strengthens your credibility as an industry leader, leading to greater user trust.

Social media posts

Social media is great for businesses and brands to connect with users on a more personal level. Through social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, you have multiple ways to share content — photos, videos, and even just plain text. Although in recent years, social networking platforms are becoming more video-focused.

The content creation process is tedious, which is where a content writing team can help. They can create compelling images, videos, and engaging social copy that garners views and interactions. In addition, content writers may even assist in managing your social accounts — responding to messages, updating your profile bio, and developing an effective social media marketing strategy.


With over 4 billion users globally, continue to serve as a vital marketing tool for businesses and creators. Emails are great for increasing sales, web traffic, and leads. Additionally, you can personalize them so you can target your message to different audience segments, which can help boost open rates and engagement. Emails hold a unique advantage over social media because they’re able to cut through a noisy online world and communicate with people directly. That allows your brand to keep in close touch with your target audience and stay on top of mind.

Lead magnets

Lead magnets are any content or asset you offer for free in exchange for a prospect’s contact information (name, email address, phone number). Examples of popular lead magnets are white papers, guides, calendars, templates, workbooks, and checklists. With these pieces of content, you’re providing information that is highly valuable and relevant to your target audience. As the name suggests, their primary purpose is to generate qualified leads for your business.

What makes them so successful is that the audience is getting something tangible and valuable for free. They’re receiving quality information and knowledge about a subtopic in an industry they care about, or they get a template they can use for their content marketing projects. It’s a win-win for both parties.


eBooks are another fantastic marketing tool to add to your business. They can be compiled with information from blogs posted on your site. can serve as a definitive resource for all things related to the subject. It allows you to go further in-depth with the topic and provide readers with even more information and nuance.

The reason why they’re popular with readers is that they are receiving a wealth of valuable information. In addition, they’re portable, meaning they can access eBooks on their computer, phones, tablet, or e-reader. You may also use eBooks as a lead magnet to generate leads and drive conversions.

Landing pages

Landing pages are distinct web pages that users “land on” after interacting with a CTA button from an email, ad, or social media post. They’re specifically designed for particular marketing campaigns in which they reveal more details about the offer and how to obtain it — usually by filling out a contact form. For example, if you receive an email about an offer to download a free eBook and click on the button that says “download,” it will lead to a landing page detailing the eBook’s contents and how to get it.

With landing pages, you can further add more driving selling points to encourage users to complete the desired action. The copy should be clear enough for people to understand what exactly they are receiving. Additionally, the contact form should be simple and easy for them to fill out.

Technical writing

Technical writing is a type of writing that is used to explain complex and technical information in simplified terms. Whether you’re targeting a specific audience in the same industry or a general audience, the goal remains the same: write and present the information in a way that anyone can understand regardless of experience level. Technical writing is commonly used in industries such as engineering, healthcare, computer software, and finance. They may be presented in the form of manuals, e-learning courses, reports, and white papers.

Press releases

A press release is a news story used to share important or noteworthy information with the media — journalists, reporters, news companies, etc. When crafting a press release, be sure to include all relevant information a journalist or publication needs to report and publish on their site. It should answer the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) and how. Businesses send these formalized announcements as a way to generate buzz for their new product/service, event, company milestone, or personnel changes.


Ghostwriting, also known as white-label content writing, is when you hire someone outside of your company to create content for you without being credited. It’s a commonly-used content writing service for businesses and creators, especially when there’s a growing demand for original content. It saves entrepreneurs time and energy from the content marketing side so they can focus on other projects and aspects of their business. Ghostwriting isn’t just for novels or memoirs, it can also be for blog posts, speeches, and newsletters.


Scriptwriting, or screenwriting, is writing stories for media production — movies, TV, or ads. The style includes numerous facets, including dialogue, sound effects, setting, music, and camera shots. As opposed to books and poems, scriptwriting is a highly visual medium. Meaning that much of your story must be presented through action. It’s a unique style of writing that follows a specific and established format. If you’re looking to shoot a video or commercial, it may help to work with a content marketing team that offers scriptwriting services.

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are copy that detail and describe a particular product or service. This is where you explain the product’s physical appearance, features, and benefits in an appealing and concise manner. Writers may use bullet points or short paragraphs to organize the information. Product descriptions involve a balancing act of using technical terms vs. simple language and knowing when to show vs. tell. Their primary purpose is to not only sell the reader why the product is worth buying.

Work With a Content Writing Team Today

We understand that business owners, entrepreneurs, and content creators wear many hats and perform various tasks. Other business aspects may demand more of your time, leaving little for content creation. For small businesses, you may not have the budget or personnel to have your own in-house creative team. This is where a content writing team comes in handy.

Content marketing teams, like People First Content, are equipped with professional writers who are able to provide multiple content writing services for your brand. From blog posts to eBooks, they will handle the creative writing aspect of your business while you can focus on other parts of your business worry-free.

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