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You crafted a fantastic blog post you put your heart and soul into. It’s live and published on your website. So the work is done, right? Oh no, my friend. Content creation is half the battle. The other half — content promotion.

Listen, your content is probably as amazing as you say it is. But do other people know? Are they even aware it exists? Unfortunately, this is an issue affecting many blogs. Writers often craft a compelling piece of content, publish it, and then just let the search engine gods take the wheel.
However, no matter how valuable or optimized your blog post is, it won’t be enough to reach a wide audience. Relying on basic on-page SEO tactics can only get you so far. This is why content promotion is essential. But how do you do it?

8 Content Promotion Tips To Widen Your Reach

We think all we have to do with blog posts is share a link, and that will be good enough. But there are more creative and effective ways to promote your content and reach the masses.

Post on social media

A great starting point for content promotion is sharing on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Whether you have 100 followers or 10,000, posting links to your blog content or landing page will help it gain more exposure to your audience. As a result, you’ll gain more clicks and traffic. Plus, there’s even the potential for your followers to share your content with their audience, which will help multiply your post’s reach.

Pro tip: Post your content multiple times.

Share the link or post several times throughout the week or month to really drive engagement and user activity. Present the blog in different styles and formats to keep your posts from becoming too repetitive. The next point will definitely help you out with that.

Repurpose your content

When repurposing content, you’re taking an existing piece of content and translating and adapting it to another format. For example, turning a blog post into a visual infographic . The most popular form for repurposing content is video. The content marketing world is becoming more video-dominant. If anything, it already has. Users spend an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week just watching videos.

Use video to promote content from your blogs in an engaging and way. Don’t worry about creating a 10+ minute long video for YouTube. You can create short clips for Instagram or TikTok so that they’re easily digestible. Plus, breaking your content into short clips helps provide more legs for your blog content.

Aside from video and infographics, here are other formats you can adopt:

  • eBooks
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • White papers
  • Social media posts

Send emails to your newsletter subscribers

Utilize your email newsletter to promote your website’s latest or most popular blog post. The neat thing about is that they’re timely and direct. They allow you to cut through the noise and reach potential buyers or customers anytime, anywhere — via desktop or mobile. Plus, the subscribers in your are people who are already interested in your business or brand and want to hear more from you. So your content has a much better chance of being seen, read, or opened by your target audience.

Pro Tip: Try a newsletter swap.

It’s when you share content from another business, brand, or creator with your newsletter subscribers. In exchange, they’ll share content from you with their email audience. It’s a great collaboration strategy that helps both parties expand the reach and awareness of their blog posts. Ideally, you want to collab with someone in the same or similar industry as you.

Add internal links to your content

Adding internal links is a common SEO practice that helps point readers to relevant blog posts you’ve already published. Internal links are a must-have for all your blogs because it helps keep readers on your site and gives your existing blogs more life. You allow the work and research you’ve put in to continue to see the light of day. Plus, when readers want to learn more about a term or phenomenon in your blog, they can click on the link for further reading, which may lead them down a rabbit hole that allows them to stay on your website. So before you hit publish, don’t forget to add relevant internal links to help the content promotion of your old blogs.

Share in content communities

Content communities are groups of people with common interests who create, share, and consume content. It’s one of the most effective ways to promote your content in front of your target audience. Examples of content communities include:

  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • Slideshare
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Groups

Be sure to find and join groups relevant to your niche and industry to get your content in front of the right people. One important note is that it’s a two-way street with these communities. Don’t just focus on content promotion. But fully engage and interact with others in the community — and be genuine in the process. When you participate with purpose and authenticity, you’ll be more respected and will gain valuable traffic.

Syndicate your content

Content syndication is when you republish an existing blog post on another website. You may post the entire blog, a condensed version, or a short excerpt. Some say syndication is similar to guest posting. However, with guest blogging , you’re writing a new piece of content as opposed to re-sharing an old blog article. It’s an effective way to give your content sustained life and a much wider reach.

With syndication, you have to do a couple of things to prevent search engines from labeling it as duplicate content, such as adding a note at the beginning of where the content was originally published or a canonical tag that indicates to Google that it is syndicated. As to where to syndicate, it depends on your audience. Here are several places where you can distribute your content promotion:

  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • Quora
  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • Flipboard
  • SocialMediaToday
  • HuffPost

Collaborate with influencers

A content promotion strategy that drives quick traffic to your blog post is collaborating with popular influencers. Getting your brand and content in front of their audience would provide a massive boost to your traffic and brand awareness. Asking them to simply share your blog on their social is okay. It certainly works. But there’s a much better strategy.

When working with influencers, it’s a smart idea to involve them in the content creation process . In this process, you allow the influencer to integrate their insight, branding, and aesthetic with your content. Plus, since they were directly involved, they’ll be more excited and delighted to share and promote the content on their socials. So when connecting with influencers, be sure to do so during the content production process.

Paid ads

Lastly, if you have a decent budget and the flexibility to invest more in your marketing strategy, then paid ads are the way to go. Ads are one of the fastest content promotion tactics available. They can increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. You may customize your ads to target specific demographics and how you want to present your content. To spend your marketing budget wisely, choose platforms that have proven to generate good engagement so you can get the most out of your investment.

Time To Be Seen

Don’t let your blog post fade in the background. Promote your baby and let the world know about it. Awareness is a critical first step to driving traffic. So the more eyes your blog post gets, the better your chances are of people reading it.

Start elevating your content promotion strategy today. Try implementing and experimenting with these tactics on your existing blogs. Meanwhile, if you still want to write new blog posts, People First Content can take that load off you so you can focus on promoting your content. Contact us to learn more.

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