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Content marketing is all the rage, and many businesses have jumped on the content bandwagon in one way or another. Whether through infographics, videos, email, or any of the countless other mediums for content.

Blogs are a very traditional content marketing medium, and for a good reason. But a blog can seem like a lot of commitment. They can be challenging to maintain since you need to post regularly and make sure you are sharing valuable content with your audience.

When creating a marketing plan, you may be tempted to pass on making a blog.

But that would be a big mistake!

Blogging is a powerful tool for business growth. Blogging benefits include increased website traffic, improved search engine rankings, and a better understanding of your customer base. Here’s how blogging can help your business succeed.

Does My Business Need a Blog?

Short answer: yes.

If you’re still not convinced, here is our more comprehensive response to why your business needs a blog.

How blogs help businesses

Blogging is the single best way to attract customers to your website organically. It can help you rank higher on search engines, increase your traffic, and generate more leads. This is because:

  1. A quality blog helps you integrate keywords that people interested in your product are searching for.
  2. Your blog will attract leads who are at least a little interested in your product.
  3. Blogging can build your brand and establish you as an expert in your industry, improving your domain authority and attracting backlinks.

Pair this with these fast facts, and you can see why blogs are such a powerful marketing tool.

Blogging fast facts

And why the price is right

Blogging is an inexpensive way to create content for your business. While it does take consistency and a lot of content to build a blog, the overall price pales compared to the cost of creating video or audio content.

Which makes sense when you think about all the equipment that goes into making a project. Cameras, microphones, and editing software. Even graphics can be pricey depending on the programs you use.

Compare this to blogs where all you need is a word processor, grammar checker, and coffee.

The other aspect of blogs that makes them so cost-effective is their versatility. One blog can live many lives. You can put your blog on your website and then use them for email newsletters, social media channels, and other digital marketing platforms.

How Might a Business Use a Blog

Now that we’ve established why having a blog is a big positive for your SEO and marketing, let’s explore what your blog can do for your business beyond the numbers.


A blog is a great way to share information and ideas with the world and communicate with your customers and prospects. In addition, blogging is an effective way to build a community and increase the company’s brand awareness.

A business can use a blog:

  • As a customer service tool: Answer questions that your customers commonly have with a detailed and in-depth explanation. You can also offer how-to’s to help your customer base interact with your product. It also provides a space for people to leave comments, so you can open up a discussion about any issues someone might be having.
  • To give an inside look into its culture: Social media is a great way to provide short updates, but it’s harder to represent your company’s ethos and environment. What values does your company hold? Share it in a blog. You can also spotlight the members of your company and give them a platform to express themselves.
  • To publish company news: You can share new product announcements, promote events, and more.

Blogging allows you to connect with your target audience more intimately and comprehensively than other forms of marketing. Take advantage of that!

Show you know your stuff

Who are you more likely to trust? A business with a bare-bones website with product descriptions and blurbs. OR a company with an extensive, well-written, and fact-oriented blog? That’s what I thought.

People want to know that the company providing the product or service knows what they’re talking about.

Blogging helps you establish yourself as an expert in your industry by providing valuable insights and information on the topic that you know best.

To showcase the benefits of your business’s products or services

A blog is a great way to showcase the benefits of your business’s products or services. For example:

A blog is a great way to attract and engage potential customers. Some people may not be ready to buy your product or service, but they might be willing to subscribe to your blog for updates on new products or services.

A blog helps you build credibility with customers and prospects by providing valuable information at every stage of their buying journey.

The best blogs keep readers engaged and coming back for more.


Having a blog is the best way to stay on top of your industry and keep your business relevant. It gives you a chance to be seen as an expert in the field and share your knowledge. Blogging also has many other benefits for your business, like increased search engine rankings, more customers, and higher conversions rates.

But we won’t deny that making a quality blog and sticking to it is a challenge. That’s where People First Content can help! Our writers will work with you to create high-quality blog posts that keep readers coming back for more. Click here to get started!

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